With 360°VR Diving, you can now scuba dive from anywhere at any time, while staying comfortable and dry in your lounge. All you need is a smartphone and a VR mask!

This app allows you to plan your next dive trip amongst the best places worldwide, ahead of time. You can now show the beauty of the Oceans to kids so that they become aware of the need for action to protect this impressive but fragile life. You can show your friends or family what it feels to be 100 feet deep with sharks all around. If you cannot dive anymore or if you have always feared it, try our app and observe this amazing world hidden under the Oceans.

We are a small team of passionate divers. We have been in the best dive places in this world (and we will continue) to share with you hundreds of amazing and immersive 360° videos. You will see a lot of marine species such as sharks and tunas passing around, mantas flying in the blue. You will dive within huge school of jack fish. You can observe turtles eating or swimming. You will travel among beautiful coral gardens. You will see the magical dance of thousands of small fishes.

While using this application, as the sound of the breathing underwater is included in each video, you will feel relaxed in seconds. Indeed, your heart beat rate may decrease while being in total immersion as you will mimic the slow and deep breath of our divers. This has an amazing relaxing effect!

If you have 360° diving videos, do not hesitate to share them with us! We aim to be the dedicated app for 360 VR diving videos. We will add all your best videos with their location to our database, so that all 360 divers can share their videos with the World! Our app is YOUR app!

Our first goal here is to share the beauty of the oceans but also to participate to their protection in the long run, that’s why we will give a part of our profits to NGOs such as sea shepherd http://www.seashepherd.org. It really matters to us (and hopefully to you) that this project is part of a bigger cause. Everyone should be aware of the beauty of our underwater world. We need to save the Oceans’ life at all cost! It is our duty for future generations!

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us